A Social awareness campaign on modern methods of menstrual period management

Top Achievers-FYP


Women Health Organization

Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health

HEAL Foundation


  • The launch of the campaign must be done as per the time/date decided by the company
  • The launch of the campaign has to be done with a detailed video on the given topic and menstrual cup
  • You will do minimum 5 teasers under this campaign to mobilise your followers for having an interaction with you on menstrual cup. There is no limit to teasers, more teasers means more point
  • You will follow the criteria of teasers and videos provided by your account manager
  • If the teasers or video did not follow the criteria as shared by the account manager then that video will not be considered for point system
  • All posts, videos, teasers must carry the campaign hashtag ( #FixYourPeriods), product hashtag (#everteen and #menstrualcup) and the products name, link
  • You can enroll only from a single platform either YouTube or Instagram
  • Enroll from one platform and use other social media platforms as your support for gathering audience and points
  • Everteen menstrual cup must be showcased and mentioned in every video/teaser/announcement/posts
  • You will provide the weblinks/urls of brands site and market places for audience to buy everteen menstrual cup
  • During this campaign you will not do any post/video with any other competing feminine hygiene brands/products
  • You will maintain the confidentiality of the campaign
  • You will not repeat the same video. In case the video is repeated then the points related to that video will not be counted
  • The videos/posts created under the campaign #FixYourPeriods will be joint property of the company and you
  • The company can update/add/delete or make changes in the algorithm of point system to control any unscruplous person or misuse of the algorithm. So keep a watch on that
  • The company will be free to use those videos/posts on their own social media platforms, websites and social media community
  • The company reserves the right to update/change/add/delete in terms and conditions
  • The company reserves the right to cancel participation of any member if it finds anything suspicious and fictitious
  • The enrollment fee for the influencers* shall be based on same arrangements as followed in last activity. And it will be paid in the end of the campaign after your complete participation in the campaign
  • If you drop in the middle of the campaign then you don’t have any right for enrollment fee
  • The participants must tag brands social media pages and profile in all the social media posts
  • The prize money shall be subjected to the tax deductions as applicable in Indian law

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